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Tracy Williamson - Author

About Tracy

Since developing a love for reading at a young age, Tracy has always found the written word a wonderful means of relaxing, communicating and exploring. Tracy studied English Literature and it was at college that she became a Christian. One of her first dreams as she began to grow in her faith was to write a book that would help people understand what being a Christian is all about. Tracy began writing a journal and also explored writing poems and articles about deafness, inner healing, identity and recovery from abuse. When Tracy was asked by writer Jennifer Rees Larcombe to write an article on listening to God, her writing took a new turn for she was then asked by Hodder & Stoughton to write a book. This became ‘The Voice of the Father’ and was published in 1995. After a gap, Tracy then wrote four further books about hearing God and experiencing inner transformation for New Wine Press. Tracy has recently completed her 6th book on the theme of experiencing the Father’s affection which will be published by Authentic in 2018. (Details and pictures available in 2018)