Tracy and Marilyn

Devotional 2nd August 2018

Divine Encounter

“The woman said, ‘I know that Messiah, called Christ is coming.When he comes He will explain everything to us.’

Then Jesus declared, ‘I who speak to you, am He’.

John 4: 7 – 26

This story is enthralling, bringing alive the fact that God loves to meet with us in the midst of our everyday, mundane experiences. To meet with us not just when we are on a spiritual high, but all the time. As David expresses in Psalm 139, we can be down in the depths, struggling with negative feelings or sin patterns but God still chooses to be with us and never gives up loving us. This story conveys dynamically the wonder of God’s mercy in choosing us to be His friends despite our weaknesses and failures. He loves to draw us into intimacy and to give us divine revelation that will both heal and empower us.

Maybe like this woman of Samaria you’ve made wrong choices in life and as a result are suffering shame or isolation? I love the way that Jesus, despite being weary, responds to God’s prompting and reaches out to her. She is obviously trying to avoid people but Jesus is not put off and opens up a conversation. When we feel ashamed or afraid of other’s judgement we often withdraw and it seems impossible to believe that God still loves and wants to speak to us, but He always does. Amazingly this woman became the first to be told that He was the expected Messiah. How awesome that He trusted her, a broken, weak woman to receive such incredible revelation. Jesus has no favourites and wants to encourage you to expect Him to speak to you in amazing ways too.

Right now He is with you and wants to bathe you with His transforming love and understanding. His words can empower you to step out of your inner strongholds of fear or shame into a new place of joy and partnership with Him. Jesus had received revelation from the Holy Spirit about her deepest sins but the first thing he said to her was ‘Will you give me a drink?' How incredible that He spoke first, not about her mistakes but into the area of her anointing to serve that had long since shut down. He then revealed His knowledge of her life, but so lovingly that she was amazed and excited rather than crushed. He always speaks to heal and transform, never to destroy us.

It was then that He declared ‘I who speak to you am He.’ This is the kind of divine encounter He calls us all to experience.

Knowing that He knows us and accepts us completely and then receiving revelation about who He really is, sets us free to fulfil our God given destiny. That woman was transformed and empowered, instrumental in leading her whole community to Jesus.

We too will experience this as we open up to Him and listen for His voice.

Dear Lord Jesus, thank you for your mercy and love. Thank you that you’ve chosen me despite my many sins. Thank you for the wonder of your knowledge of me and even more incredibly that you desire to give me new levels of understanding about you and your ways. Your words are so powerful and freeing. Forgive me for trying to run away and help me, just as you did that woman, to live as the person you made me to be. Amen.

Tracy Williamson

Cross and heart clouds God meets with us in the everyday